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ICRIT Healthcare is a home care and supported living agency for people who require social care. It is a private limited company that was formed on August 28, 2014, in England and Wales under the Companies Act.

We take our obligations as a registered care provider very seriously. We have policies in place, as well as open and transparent processes and procedures, and a policy in place to govern all of our services. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered our service. We were evaluated and graded as overall good for being safe, effective, compassionate, responsive, and well-led.

Our Mission

To serve individuals in our care with evidence-based and compassionate care and support.

Our Aim

ICRIT HEATHCARE (IHC) seeks to give high-quality compassionate care and support to persons who are unable to care for themselves at home at a time that is convenient for them. To do this, we endeavour to comprehend the advantages of living independently in one’s own house as well as the positive effects this has on a person’s quality of life.

We collaborate with multidisciplinary teams and in cooperation with local governments, health and social care trusts, and the community to provide the best possible care to our service users, with the goal of helping them meet their own unique needs.

Jefter Chuma


MSc Health Sciences, PGCE, BSc in Mental Health Nursing, Dip in Mental Health Nursing, Leadership, and Management are all available.

The organisation’s founder and managing director, Jefter Chuma, is an esteemed and certified health and social care professional with extensive experience in the field. Well-versed in modern mental health challenges, Jefter has honed his expertise through significant academic and clinical involvement. His diverse background encompasses forensic mental health, acute mental health, community mental health, and clinical research, granting him a comprehensive understanding of the complexities within these domains.

Jefter’s visionary mindset led to the inception of the ground breaking ICRIT concept—an ingenious integration of clinical research, innovation, and education into healthcare practices. Central to this methodology is the utilization of the most reliable and up-to-date data to inform clinical decision-making, thus ensuring the highest standards of care. Such an approach necessitates resourceful thinking and creative utilisation of available resources.

Within Jefter’s clinical focus lies a particular interest in schizophrenia prodromal symptoms, alongside clinical decision-making and judgement. His contributions to the field include the authorship of insightful articles and active participation in clinical faculties, enriching the collective knowledge and understanding in these areas.

Complementing Jefter’s expertise is a dedicated and specialised management team that convenes weekly to provide guidance and oversight of the organisation’s operational and financial performance. This dynamic team also plays a crucial role in shaping business planning, policy creation, and ensuring adherence to compliance standards. As the Managing Director, Jefter assumes accountability for the organisation’s strategic direction, service development, compliance, quality assurance, and overall performance.

Under Jefter’s astute leadership, the organisation is propelled towards continuous growth, innovation, and exceptional service provision. With an unwavering commitment to strategic decision-making, Jefter and his team are dedicated to ensuring compliance, fostering quality assurance, and propelling the organization to new heights of success.

Priscilla Fadzanai Chuma

Operations Director

Priscilla is an exceptional Operations Director for the organization, entrusted with the crucial task of ensuring the best working environment and processes. Her role encompasses evaluating and enhancing how the business operates, implementing business guidelines and strategies, and providing valuable support to Registered Managers in meeting CQC regulated activities. Notably, she also serves as the CQC Nominated Individual.

Priscilla’s diverse range of duties includes:

– Ensuring financial targets and other agreed-upon objectives are met.
– Reviewing working practices to determine their effectiveness and devising alternative approaches if needed.
– Upholding safety regulations and ensuring compliance within the organization.
– Motivating employees and organizing appropriate training sessions.
– Ensuring that the business operates in alignment with the company’s mission statement.
– Investigating customer satisfaction levels and promptly addressing any issues that arise.
– Collaborating closely with the Director and Senior Management to optimize staff performance.
– Driving the business forward, striving for increased profitability.
– Working alongside the Legal and Human Resources departments on any relevant matters.
– Providing invaluable support to Registered Managers in meeting regulated activities.
– Establishing strong partnerships with the quality assurance team and commissioners to ensure the implementation of best practices.

Priscilla’s expertise and commitment are pivotal in creating an efficient operational framework that fosters growth, compliance, and continuous improvement for your organization.

Our Care Team

Our support staff has vast expertise working with those who require support. All must go through compulsory training, which includes:

  • Safeguarding vulnerable adults and children
  • Mental capacity act
  • Mental health awareness
  • Equality and diversity
  • Care planning.

We also collaborate with other experts in the health and social care systems, as well as the police, to intervene with people who exhibit behaviours that might become dangerous to others.

A wide range of healthcare skills

Our carers have a wide range of healthcare skills that can meet a variety of requirements, including but not limited to:

  • Personal care
  • Autism
  • Mental health needs
  • Learning Disabilities 
  • Drug and alcohol abuse
  • Self-harming behaviours
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Challenging behaviour
  • Specialised care

Individuals Who Care

We thoroughly evaluate and interview every employee to determine why they chose care as a career. As a result, we only hire and choose employees who are really kind and sensitive.

Selected and certified

We pre-select the best and most skilled employees so that they are ready to give you the care you require when you need it. They’ve all been thoroughly vetted and background-verified.


Our assessors have extensive expertise connecting appropriate employees to our clients; consequently, they are evaluated based on their interests and hobbies to guarantee they match closely with clients, including cultural needs.

Experienced and well-trained

All of our carers are trained and competent to accomplish the task you have assigned to them. Furthermore, they have extensive knowledge of a wide range of specialised treatments.

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