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Welcome to Oakdale House

Oakdale House is a part of our Mental Health division. It helps people who may have serious and/or long-term mental illnesses and/or behaviours that may be seen as difficult because of their condition.

Oakdale House is a place where people with complex mental health needs can live a full and respected life, which gives them more freedom to live on their own.

This is done through a plan of active participation in the community, building important social networks, managing risks, and coming up with strong ways to deal with problems.

We offer treatments that are based on the person to help them get better health and be more independent.

We help people get involved in their communities and give them the chance to try out new ways of living, which boosts their self-esteem and confidence and makes sure they have worthwhile lives.

Whom we cater for: Men and women over the age of 18.

Services: Autism and learning disabilities support services for the community.

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